Industries Served

Military, Aerospace, and Space Programs

From America's first proud Apollo mission, and some of the most critical military/aerospace defense applications such as the F-15 (since day one), Hamby Corporation has been providing printed circuit boards, printed wiring boards, and assembly services for 60 years.

Our long-standing track record of high quality, on time delivery, and innovation provides our customers with the highest quality standards and most advanced technologies in the industry. Hamby Corporation is DOD contacts ready and a flight/space approved supplier. Hamby Corporation is one of the premier manufacturing and assembly companies that defense, aerospace, and space programs can rely on.

Hamby Corporation adheres to a fully documented Quality Management System to ISO 9001 (2008) and applicable military and commercial specifications. We are qualified to MIL-PRF-31032, Adhesive and Adhesiveless, MIL-PRF-50884, Types 1 through 5, both Adhesive base and Adhesiveless base materials as well as MIL-PRF-55110, GI. Assembly practices are compliant to J-STD-001.




Commercial Avionics

Avionics is a natural extension of our original product focus in aerospace and defense. Many aspects of avionics have consistently been a part of our production capabilities. Having worked with such companies as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing over the last Six Decades gives Hamby Corporation the level of experience and trust our customers demand.



Medical, Automotive, Communications, IT, Oil & Gas, and More!

Hamby Corporation also focuses on critical medical, automotive, and communications applications with demanding requirements. What has made us successful since 1956 is our focus on reliability, performance, and the highest quality standards in the industry. We deliver highly specialized PCBs/PWBs and assemblies in the Oil & Gas and IT industries to meet the demanding requirements for optimum precision and dependability. Working in conjunction with some of the top companies in these areas such as L-3, Ducommun, Pacific Scientific, and Teledyne, gives our customers the level of trust and reliability they are looking for.



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