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products and services

Our main product lines are the manufacture of flex, rigid and rigid-flex PCBs/PWBs for high reliability applications such as space, aerospace, military, medical and high grade industrial electronics. Hamby offers a number of value added services including PWB Design/Layout, Prototypes, Mechanical Mockups, and Assembly.

The core of our services resides in the conceptual skills of our technical staff. We help bring ideas to reality by utilizing concurrent engineering methods and the latest in CAD/CAM technologies. We integrate your specifications with our manufacturing expertise, creating products that meet your electrical, mechanical and dimensional requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Concurrent Engineering (Design Support) Services - We work closely and directly with our Customers and feel the most successful projects are collaborations that begin early in the design process. Concurrent Engineering maximizes the effectiveness of early involvement in our customer's programs.

  • PWB Design/Layout - Our staff has decades of experience generating PWB design solutions from customer schematics/mechanicals. CAD/CAM tools are employed and complete documentation (net list, fabrication drawings, IPC-222, IPC-223) is available.
  • Producibility Reviews - A formal technical review of your data package designed to uncover any inconsistencies or issues which may cause delays or reduced yields in fabrication.
  • Mechanical Mock Ups - Mechanical prototypes often eliminate costly design iterations by validation of fit and flexibility and are a great tool to communicate your concept to others.


PCB & PWB Manufacturing:

  • Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB & PWB Manufacturing - A worldwide leader in fabricating high technology flex and rigid-flex designs including Multiple Laminations, Plating, and "Book-Binders."
  • Rigid PCB & PWB Manufacturing - Multilayers.
  • Prototype (Quick turn) Service - Reduced cycle time builds, using the same processes and equipment are available for prototype or short lead time situations.

Assembly - value added assembly manufacturing typically involves the installation of connectors and other passive components onto our flex and rigid-flex PCBs & PWBs. All soldering technicians are certified to both IPC and NASA standards. Potting, conformal coating and full level testing are performed in-house.


Innovative Successes:

Our first of many innovative successes - the pin and eyelet technique- reigns as the de facto standard required on many projects. Hamby Corporation developed this technique to solve critical customer application requirements, and we continue to operate the same today in designing and fabricating flexible, rigid-flex, and rigid PCBs and PWBs.

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